Unloved yet…

I have never felt the tingling warmth they describe,
Or experienced the feelings in the heart, romantics scribe!
The touch of the one you’re fated to be with,
In life something seems amiss, I will admit it.
Why has no one ever looked into my eyes,
Gasped at my beauty and lovingly sighed!
Or tell me that I would like to be with you till eternity,
You are the one that completes my life and destiny.
This feeling of being unloved lingers in my mind,
Reminds me of my helplessness even when I unwind.
I feel I’m in a tunnel which seems like a deep, dark dead end,
The emotions that emerge are difficult to comprehend.
They seem to belittle my enter existence,
Making me weak with their constant persistence!
I seem incomplete without the love of this ‘one’ I dream about,
With whom I’ve envisioned my entire life in paramount.
Inspite of my previous failures, I’m hoping and wishing,
That soon I will meet the one to share memories worth cherishing.

Is there anything such as a failure?

Every year, your success quotient is measured with your list of achievements which is so proudly flaunted on your social media platforms. Be it the accolades you received, the travel plans you made, the promotions you deserved, they all your personal and professional trophies that are meant to be shared with the ones you love.

However, have you ever listed your failures, the times, when things didn’t go the way you expected. Not many people realise that your failures are just as important as your successes. This topic actually came up when I was having a heartfelt conversation with a friend about his life. An absolute stud muffin, he is known in several circles as a relentless heartbreaker. However, instead of telling me about his recent endeavours, he was nursing a broken heart but surprisingly with happiness. I really liked his non-sulking approach towards the entire situation. He confessed that in his life he had never experienced any setback. He always got everything that he wanted but the fact that this time, his love life had taken a different turn got him introspecting. The reversal in roles gave him a perspective of how others must be feeling and instead of being sullen about it; he decided to look at the setback as energy to move ahead in life in a positive note.
Similarly, I wish everybody looked at failures as stepping stones to a successful road ahead rather than a permanent road block and stop trying. Like you cherish your successes, it’s vital to embrace your failures as well and learn to celebrate them. They are very important milestones of your life that determine the person you become.
Most of us deal with failure indulging in extreme misery, an ugly state that is like an abyss where only sadness awaits them. While some choose to take it in their stride, deal with the challenging situation with a positive note, overcome it and eventually are happily successful.

The lesson to take from here is that you have to seek happiness at any given time or situation. It should be the only goal in your life and you have to go all out to achieve it.


New Year resolutions to keep for life

Every New Year begins with resolutions. However, there are some that have to be kept invariantly whether you believe in this yearly custom or not. I am listing four of my favourites that should be kept every year.

1) Spring cleaning in winters
How about spring cleaning your life this New Year? And this doesn’t have to be confined to your clothes, shoes, makeup, home or more. Take the action a notch further and deeply cleanse your feelings or even your negatives emotions that you have been hoarding for long. It could be about someone or even the thoughts that you harbour for yourself which can be quite damaging. Unknowingly, they are impacting your life’s decisions tremendously. Therefore, the slate has to be swept clean. Leave the past behind and spruce it up for a bright tomorrow. All you need to do is list down things or people that have affected you. Once you are done, burn the paper and bury its ashes somewhere. If you believe in this ritual without any doubts, the catharsis can be rejuvenating.

This exercise is an excellent passage to make way for the new things to come in your life. Every year, people make resolutions to bring about changes in their life. But what we do not realise that unless we wash off the unwanted things in our life; it is difficult to make way for the actual things, aspirations or dreams that you really want.

2) Demystify with detoxify
The holiday season starts from Diwali and ends on 31st December. Other than the cheer, your calories are also getting piled up, courtesy bingeing, drinking and partying. There is nothing wrong with indulgence, after all the season calls for it. However, unnecessary baggage of any kind can leave you tired, sluggish and nobody needs it! What better way to kickstart a healthy you than a new day of the year with new beginnings! Chalk out a fitness schedule derived from your simple common sense. Get some exercise, avoid fatty foods, lay off the booze and drink lots of water to wash off your festive excesses. Detoxification of your mind and soul from stress and anxiety which may have caused due to negative energy and people around you is just as important. One word of advice, meditate and stay far away from these emotions. Within no time, you will be soon heading to your healthier old self and well-being. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to remain self-motivated.

3) Actualize with visualize
You’ve read about it in the “Secret”. So how about implementing it in real! Create a vision board of your objectives and goals of 2014. Be clear about them and start visualising and believing in them. And once you’re done with them, mark them as done. This checklist idea is even a great practice to follow on daily basis. It spells success and how!

4) Thank You!
Last but not the least, one of the great ways to move forward in life with a positive note is

thank you

to take a bow and be thankful about everything in your life. Your successes, be it your personal or professional and even your failures because they are responsible for who you are today. Because in the longer run, you will realise they are the real triggers to your happiness which makes you appreciate the emotion better. Most importantly, don’t forget to thank the people who’ve been there for you. As cliché as it may sound, they are responsible to get you up and moving for a fun-filled 2014!