Could the real gentleman please stand up?


Making of a gentleman

Making of a gentleman

In today’s Pune Times, we have Shah Rukh raving about how his son is the perfect gentleman. Well, the father should definitely be proud because in today’s day and time, well-behaved men are truly a rare breed. Especially in India, where women are gawked at, objectified, humiliated, and even raped without apologies, this is one quality that Indian parents need to imbibe in their children. Men today of all age groups are immature boys who are increasingly becoming indifferent to basic manners. Alas! The era of chivalry is over.

With this statement, I don’t mean to sound regressive, hoping that men start opening doors for me or pull my chair when I’m sitting. However, I believe chivalry is not just confined to romance and extends to common courtesy and manners, regardless of whether you are romantically inclined towards the person or not. This means dropping your old neighbour aunty to the nearby grocery store or helping someone even cross the road. But sadly, the breed of well behaved men is a dying one. Some may deem it as a pretentious behaviour but I believe it is basic good manners that every human being must exercise. I remember brooding over my sprained arm resting on a sling and carrying a heavy luggage at the same time. But nobody around me had the courtesy to help me or even offer a hand.

Unfortunately, kindness to strangers has become a rarity, with people sporting a care-a-damn-attitude to the world around them. In this world of fast technology, fast cars and even faster relationships, who has the time for anybody or put the needs of others in front of theirs? Slamming doors in people’s faces or pushing people in line at the railway counter and shushing them is a common sight. Both men and women are guilty of this, because common courtesy doesn’t exist as much anymore.

What’s the sad part? Because we are so attuned to the lack of it, we tend to get suspicious even when we do receive kind gestures from others. Instead of being receptive towards it, we reject it assuming someone must be having ulterior motives. It is sad where the world is coming to! Sometimes, I wish I was born in the simpler times where the only inheritance that people prided about was their culture and etiquettes that were passed on for generations. Maybe, it’s time for a gentleman’s refresher’s course, where we teach a boy what being a man is being all about. Any takers?


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