Is there anything such as a failure?

Every year, your success quotient is measured with your list of achievements which is so proudly flaunted on your social media platforms. Be it the accolades you received, the travel plans you made, the promotions you deserved, they all your personal and professional trophies that are meant to be shared with the ones you love.

However, have you ever listed your failures, the times, when things didn’t go the way you expected. Not many people realise that your failures are just as important as your successes. This topic actually came up when I was having a heartfelt conversation with a friend about his life. An absolute stud muffin, he is known in several circles as a relentless heartbreaker. However, instead of telling me about his recent endeavours, he was nursing a broken heart but surprisingly with happiness. I really liked his non-sulking approach towards the entire situation. He confessed that in his life he had never experienced any setback. He always got everything that he wanted but the fact that this time, his love life had taken a different turn got him introspecting. The reversal in roles gave him a perspective of how others must be feeling and instead of being sullen about it; he decided to look at the setback as energy to move ahead in life in a positive note.
Similarly, I wish everybody looked at failures as stepping stones to a successful road ahead rather than a permanent road block and stop trying. Like you cherish your successes, it’s vital to embrace your failures as well and learn to celebrate them. They are very important milestones of your life that determine the person you become.
Most of us deal with failure indulging in extreme misery, an ugly state that is like an abyss where only sadness awaits them. While some choose to take it in their stride, deal with the challenging situation with a positive note, overcome it and eventually are happily successful.

The lesson to take from here is that you have to seek happiness at any given time or situation. It should be the only goal in your life and you have to go all out to achieve it.


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