Unloved yet…

I have never felt the tingling warmth they describe,
Or experienced the feelings in the heart, romantics scribe!
The touch of the one you’re fated to be with,
In life something seems amiss, I will admit it.
Why has no one ever looked into my eyes,
Gasped at my beauty and lovingly sighed!
Or tell me that I would like to be with you till eternity,
You are the one that completes my life and destiny.
This feeling of being unloved lingers in my mind,
Reminds me of my helplessness even when I unwind.
I feel I’m in a tunnel which seems like a deep, dark dead end,
The emotions that emerge are difficult to comprehend.
They seem to belittle my enter existence,
Making me weak with their constant persistence!
I seem incomplete without the love of this ‘one’ I dream about,
With whom I’ve envisioned my entire life in paramount.
Inspite of my previous failures, I’m hoping and wishing,
That soon I will meet the one to share memories worth cherishing.

6 thoughts on “Unloved yet…

  1. I remember i read this somewhere and remembered not verbatim though, i do interpret this way:
    As we move to on to the 30s and beyond, the concept of soul mates diminishes, so does love at first sight because we start watching people and their affectations through lenses and rear view mirrors. But if we are lucky thereon or if you let yourself be, few times in our life we meet or would have met someone ” right ” not because she/he is perfect or you are but because your combined flaws were arranged in such a way that allowed separate beings to hinge together.

  2. Apologies. I got carried away without commenting on your lovely note( how selfish of me). its is deep as usual, simple and “thatat tai” rhyming ..so touching .and awesome … please do write more.

  3. Hi Chera,

    Thank you so much for the encouraging words. Probably, even I couldn’t have summed up my emotions while writing this piece as well as you did. Do you write as well? If you do, it would be great if you could share your blog with me:-)

  4. Trupti. You are truly modest as I am amateurish. I would be honoured if you can send me a test mail so i can revert accordingly.

  5. hi trupti, this is anjanette, sachu’s sister in law. i hope you dont mind that i have been e-stalking you, but my curiosity often gets the better of me. i couldn’t resist knowing more about the woman who has finally captured our brother’s heart. i followed you on pinterest where my username is anj video, as i have some pictures up there that you can check out. :)

    ive enjoyed reading your blog, and in this particular entry i instantly felt a recognition. before i met my own vaidya boy (nearly 11 years ago now!), i penned this:

    my boyfriend is on my bookshelf,
    his body parts are out of order,
    a strong hand hanging in history book #2,
    a fraction of his soul lamenting on pg 368.
    his eyes are set deep within that of another man,
    born from the authors mind,
    gifted to my memory.
    he has the touch of a woman from “ for colored girls”,
    and his breath smells like crushed magnolia.

    i thought i heard his voice in a song once,
    but it was just three chords,
    only the strumming on a gui-tar.
    he has a disposition that could pass for paint,
    red, especially yellow. and his skin melts
    like sand into the shore.
    shell toenails, slick like sea glass,
    that’s the ocean in his ease.
    ive tasted the corner of his neck,
    in a dark café one night,
    sweet merlot on a jazz note.
    he walks like a poem i once wrote,
    but ive yet to see his face.

    my boyfriend…hes lost in the forest,
    his curls are rolled up like budding ferns,
    and his laughter,
    drops off the wings of my favorite bird.
    his heart, the heart of a poppy,
    bows when i pass him by.
    no one notices, the faltering of this heart strewn
    across the tangled forest floor.
    wet leaf soft, only mushrooms,
    know the comfort that ive seen.
    he cools me, like the full brook,
    when its rushing ‘round the bend,
    he casts his eyes down
    and the trees mourn.

    his smile is the sun.

    that’s my boyfriend,
    but i tell you…
    i have yet..
    to see..his face.


    i read it now, these years later, and feel as though i conjured him up from the center of my own heart. perhaps the universe hears these messages we put out, and due to their purity, responds. my wish for you is that a decade from now, you can read your own poem while finally knowing the ‘one’ whom you have dreamt of, complete and —-loved.

    • Awww Anjanette this is so beautifully written and such a wonderful coincidence. It definitely touched a chord and how! I totally believe in the law of attraction as well and I’m so glad that we have so much in common. I’m so looking forward to meet you:-)

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