Pagdandi book chai cafe-Where happiness meets creativity and good food!

What is a place where you can read, listen to live music, meet interesting people and bite into delicious food that’s healthy- a haven right? Well, that’s Pagdandi-Books, Chai, Cafe for you, an extension of your home as conceptualised by the beautiful couple Neha and Vishal Pipraiya.

What strikes you first as soon as you enter is the very welcoming sunshine yellow door with a signboard that’s made of recycled plywood! Not to forget, the eclectic lights made at the doorway that scream cool in an underlying manner, if you know what I mean! The lazy Indian sit-outs, the bamboo ceiling and bookshelves, cane chairs, guitar, quirky accessories, and the wide array of the re-circulated old books that smell close to heaven for any bookish geek. Lastly, the very beckoning food -counter with desi interiors like blackboard menus on the walls, sum up the ambience of this place. In short, this place wraps up pretty beautifully in an eco friendly manner. I likey!

This book cum cafe caters to all audiences, right from the tiny-tots to teens, middle aged and even senior citizens with the various activities that they have in store here. While for the younger audiences, they have book clubs and appreciation of reading sessions, the older audiences can enjoy drum circles or even get nostalgic at a retro Hindi music karaoke night. It’s amusing to watch how people from different walks of life come together and get along seamlessly well. Probably, the barriers are more in the mind which Pagdandi has very successfully broken through with their far sighted vision. Probably, this foresight comes from their own personal experiences as these ardent backpackers who share an envious zest for life gave up their corporate jobs to come up with a concept like this.

Now let’s get down to business, the food! My most favourite are the frozen flavoured yoghurts ranging from wild berry to green apple and even the very healthy musk melon, savoured with delicious waffles or even the yummy sandwiches here. Especially, the aloo chatpata is yummy served in bio degradable Areca Nut Palm Plates and Bowls, Very eco-chic!

All you do is take a bite, grab a book and take a corner to be whisked away in a different world together!



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