The jitters, the jabbers and the joys of a soon-to-be bride

bridezillaThe bridal countdown is on! My D-day is right around the corner, almost ten days to be precise and everyone in the family is an emotional wreck! I can literally feel my mental clock ticking away, tick-tick one, tick-tick two, it is like a freaking time bomb that is waiting to explode and explode it did. The stress of running around, looking after every minute detail finally got to me. The dress, the accessories, the decorators, the priests, the pujas, the guests and the list just goes on…

Not to forget the impending stress of leaving my beloved family and friends behind, the people that I grew up with for almost three decades or even the ones I met recently and have grown so close to my heart. The thought of seeing them only sporadically has made me very anxious. Slowly I am growing into one Bridezilla, irritable, ranting and unwell for most of the times. Headaches and loosies caused due to nervousness have taken over the last threads that were holding me. Honestly, if someone was acting like me I would have probably killed them with my own hands. But everyone around me was so loving and patient.

That is when reality really dawned upon me. What do you really need in life? Other than a quintessential pair of lovely shoes and a hot LBD that flaunts your curves right, you need a set of people around you who accept you even at your worst behaviour. I thank God for bringing such angels in my life; they’ve been with me through thick and thin. Now that I’m ready to start on my new journey, moving into a new place I can do so with a light heart and a deep breath. I hope I will meet people who are just as nice, loving, accepting and non-judgmental as my friends and I’m just as accommodating for letting me in their lives. However, no one can replace you peeps. I love you so much and this blog is a tribute to all your loveliness and the friendship I’ve shared with you for years.