The power of running

Bhaag Mikha Bhaag has released and everybody who has watched the movie can’t stop raving about it and why not? The film is an absolute revelation. From the director Rakesh Om Prakash Mehra, to the entire crew and most importantly, the man-of-the-moment Farhan Akhtar who has literally got into the skin of the character, everybody deserves a standing applause. However, what really kept me on tenterhooks of expectation is the exposure the movie has given to the wonderful sport of running because I’m a huge fan of it.

trupti runningFor me, running has always been like meditation in motion. I have had a fair share of upheavals in life and the only thing that has ever given me hope was running. My initial stint with this amazing sport was when I was about seventeen. Since, I remember I have always been struggling with my weight and the wise cracks that came along with it. I had so much frustration building about it and the only way I could deal with it was with eating. Until, one day I decided that I had to change my life and do something about the piling kilos. Walking seemed the easiest option and literally I had to push myself with an immense amount of self motivation to at least reach the tracks. Trust me; it wasn’t easy, well, when you’re 88 kilos and only 5.6 ft tall, nothing is. As I dragged my thunder thighs, I could see men and women running like gazelles around me, fit and fabulous. I absolutely admired them however with a hint of envy and hoping, one day I would be able to join them. In my mind, the thought had started manifesting till it became a raging ambition that I just had to fulfil.

I started with really small steps and eventually they got a bit bigger. The bigger steps turned into few meters and finally into miles. And every time, I crossed each obstacle, the adrenaline rush was exhilarating. I realized that running is not at all about the body and how much you push it. It is all about the mind and how you motivate it to achieve your goals. The regular runners will vouch for what I have to say, running is never about losing weight or looking good. It is about feeling good and when you feel good you are the master of your own universe. Nothing else matters because your mind is in the state of Niravana. You are on your own, only the wind, will power and determination as your companions to make it to your finishing point. You start envisioning beyond the trivialities of life, leaving behind your past and taking charge for a better tomorrow.

Plus, it’s really cost-effective too! All you need is your two fabulous legs and a pair of good shoes which is not mandatory either. Go for it and don’t ever look back. That’s the only rule of the game and also the rule of life.